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Install Apache Solr

When you need to harvest data with OAI, you need Solr and configure OAI.

Inside /opt folder, create /solr directory.

mkdir /opt/solr

Move to the directory we just created.

cd /opt/solr

Change the directory owner to the dspace user.

chown -R dspace:dspace /opt/solr

Then download Solr 8.11.2 from there with the following command. IMPORTANT!!! > always check version number on official website to correct the version number.

wget -c

Extract the downloaded archive with this command.

tar xvf solr-8.11.2.tgz

Move the contents to /opt/solr directory.

cp -rf /opt/solr/solr-8.11.2/* /opt/solr

Set Limit Performance

nano /etc/security/limits.conf

add these lines to limits.conf // why root? because i'm using root user. you may set your own user.

root soft nproc 65000
root soft nofile 65000
root hard nproc 65000
root hard nofile 65000

Start solr with the following command.

/opt/solr/bin/solr start

Confirm solr is running with.

/opt/solr/bin/solr status