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Building DSpace

This is a long run step, take a break and get some coffee.

Install OpenJDK 8.

apt install openjdk-8-jdk -y

OPTIONAL: If another version of OpenJDK has been installed previously, change the default java to OpenJDK 8.

update-alternatives --config java 

Install Apache Ant and Apache Maven.

apt install ant maven -y

Create a dspace folder.

mkdir /dspace
chown dspace /dspace

Create a build folder for building DSpace and get inside.

mkdir /build
chmod -R 777 /build
cd /build

Inside /build folder, donwload DSpace v6.3 from their official GitHub


Extract dspace*.tar.gz.

tar xzvf dspace*.tar.gz

Move to the dspace-6.3-src-release folder.

cd dspace-6.3-src-release

Copy the local.cfg file.

cp dspace/config/local.cfg.EXAMPLE dspace/config/local.cfg

Install Git

apt install git

Compile the DSpace package.

mvn -U package

Make sure your build is successful. ALL success info is in a green text! If there are error, keep trying!

Install DSpace.

cd dspace/target/dspace-installer
ant fresh_install